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April tips

April is truly the start of the NW gardening season.

 Lawn Care

April is the prime month for spring lawn care. Start the process of moss removal, aerating and applying a thin layer of compost to get the soil ready. In the middle of the month, overseed if necessary or apply Dr. Earth’s Super Natural Lawn Fertilizer.
Our mild damp springs encourage the growth of pesky annual weeds. Get out your trusty circle hoe and get them out before they set seed. Apply Concern corn gluten meal, a natural preemergent herbicide to prevent new weeds from germinating. Dig out perennial weeds like dandelions before they have a chance to flower. Apply a layer of mulch after these weeding chores are done to retard weed development later.


If you planted a fall or winter cover crop, April is the time to work this beneficial green manure into the soil. If not, work in a thick layer of composted manure or Gardner & Bloom Harvest Supreme to give your veggies a good start. Plant out cool season starts like peas, salad greens, onions and potatoes now but wait until soils warm and danger of frost is past for warm season crops like tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. There is still time to start these heat lovers from seed.

Japanese Maples
Li’l Sprout’s excellent selection of Japanese maples are in stock and ready to be planted now. Select from dozens of varieties for size, form and early spring color. Our knowledgeable nursery sales staff will assist you in picking the perfect maple for your garden.
Bring overwintered geraniums and fuchsias and other tender plants out from winter hibernation. Refresh potting soil if necessary, water well and bring them into the light in a sheltered location. Be sure to protect from late frosts and allow them to harden off gradually before they are placed into their new summer homes.

 Select from a huge range of perennials and flowering shrubs as they become available to add early color to the landscape. Rhodies and azaleas, columbine, poppies and bleeding hearts and many others are at their peak and ready for planting. And now is an ideal time for transplanting existing shrubs and perennials or dividing late season perennials.

 Plan now for colorful summer hanging baskets. A wide range of colorful annuals and basket stuffers will be available to create your own masterpiece.


Attend our free class on EDIBLES, Saturday, April 30th @ 11am.

Everything you need to know about growing healthy, tasty vegetables in your own yard.


Good selection of fruit trees, blueberries, strawberries, rhubarb, onions, garlic, seed potatoes, vegetables and herbs.

We carry organic soils, amendments and fertilizers for healthy growing and eating.


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