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  Lil Sprout’s Nursery Professional – Frank’s Favorites
Acer palmatum – ‘Trompenburg’

Is a very fast growing Japanese maple that needs to be pruned more than most when it is young. As the tree matures it becomes much easier to manage and can have an almost breathtaking appearance. The leaves have a strong, durable texture that is not prone to sun burn. This Dutch cultivar reaches 18-24 feet in height.

 Acer palmatum ‘Orido Nishiki’

Is breath taking. This is an upright variety and considered one of the best variegated upright varieties. Being among the upright varieties of Japanese maples it has the ability to reach 15′ to 20′ high, but if that doesn’t work for you, you can easily keep it trimmed to a lower height.   Keep in mind, the more you trim trees like this when they are small the more densely they branch and the more foliage you see.   With Orido Nishiki that’s a huge benefit because the foliage is spectacular.

Acer palmatum ‘Grandma Ghost’

The leaves of Japanese maple are constantly changing colors. In the spring, they emerge a pale yellow color with pink tips. Grandma Ghost Japanese maple leaves then turn to shades of amber, cream-white and pale green which contrast marvelously with its vibrant green veins. Come fall, its color is a magnificent boasting blend of gold and red tones. The Grandma Ghost Japanese maple is a must for the collector. Prefers sun/partial shade in well-drained soil. 8′ tall x 4′ wide in 10 years.

 Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Red Dragon’

Summer color is deep red that holds well – fall color bright red – habit strongly cascading – An outstanding new variety with good red summer color. Slower growing than other red laceleafs. – ht in 10 yrs 4-6 ft – ht in 30 yrs up to 8-10 ft

 Acer palmatum ‘Shindeshojo’

Spring color is crimson red (for 1-2 months) – summer color pleasing reddish green, occasionally some leaves are lightly flecked with cream – fall color red and orange blended – habit twiggy shrubby, about as wide as tall – ht in 10 years 4-6 ft – ht in 30 years up to 10 ft – good container subject.





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