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January tips

January is houseplant month. Bring color into your home with flowering houseplants and colorful foliage plants. Attend a free houseplant seminar offered this month at Li’l Sprout to learn how to select and care for these living contributors to your interior décor.

Time to think about pruning.  Mid to late winter when plants are fully dormant is the correct time for pruning of fruit and other deciduous trees and a good many shrubs.

Protect your garden from late winter storms.  Group container plantings together to create a microclimate when cold weather threatens. Provide extra protection for those very chilly nights by wrapping in bubble wrap, newspapers or other insulating material. Pick up storm debris promptly and check for damaged or broken limbs. These should receive a clean cut and be allowed to heal naturally. Shake off any heavy, wet snow from evergreen trees or shrubs to prevent breakage.

Don’t forget the birds! Keep our feathered, insect-catching friends happy by supplying a consistent source of seeds, high-energy suet, fresh fruits and water. Overwintering Anna’s hummingbirds favor nectar in feeders made from one part sugar to 4 parts water. And leave out the red dye!

Add some hot color to these cold, grey January days with plants that flower in winter. Look for witch hazels, mahonias, camellias, sweet box and hellebores in bloom now to add midwinter color to your landscape and cold tolerant pansies and primroses to brighten and refresh that front porch container.

Finally, stay warm and dry. Days are getting longer and sooner than you expect, spring will be here. Plan now for purchase of bareroot fruits, roses and shrubs in February and deliveries of fresh new stock in March. Plan to attend the NW Flower and Garden Show and visit Li’l Sprout’s retail booth (2217) and get inspiration for the best gardening season ever.

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