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We have so many succulents!

Succulents are super trendy and with good reason too! They not only come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, they are little air purifiers and we believe… they have their own personalities… Come see for yourself!


You heard right, there really are air detoxifying House Plants!

We have good news and bad news…

Bad news first; Your home isn’t as clean as you may have thought..

There are a wide variety of toxic  chemicals lurking in your home, and while you can take steps to minimize them, one the most prevalent chemicals in your home isn’t easy to get rid of. Formaldehyde, a volatile organic compound that’s emitted in low levels by a variety of household building products and furniture, may cause cancer in humans and has been known to trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions when present in high levels.

A common component of glues that hold pressed-wood or particleboard furniture and cabinets together, it’s also emitted by natural gas stoves, carpet glues, flooring glues, caulks, sealants, paints, furniture finishes, and the water- and stain-repellent finishes applied to upholstery and clothing.

The good news: We have a variety of easy, green tools to help cut down the levels of Formaldehyde in your home. A bonus? Many help detoxify your home of other harmful chemicals in the air as well.

We have many house plant all-stars that NASA scientists have discovered help remove formaldehyde and purify air to your home for a safer, cleaner atmosphere. Come talk with one of our specialists about which would work best in your home today!

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