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If WE build it, will you come?

Do you have an area in your garden or greenhouse that looks a bit…empty?  If you have a plethora of pots that need to be filled but are lacking inspiration, we can help!  Bring in your empty vessel and we will help design & fill it for you at no extra charge!

Thinking of trying a new plant?  Not sure what will fit or work together?  This is a great way to up your gardening skills but also save some time.  A pop of instant color – perfect for that summer BBQ or Patio Party you have planned!

Heating up – it’s getting HOT out there!

The Pacific Northwest is headed for the biggest heat wave of the summer – and we’re on a 41+ day no-rain streak too.  How’s your garden holding up?
With temps getting ready to hit triple digits, be sure you’re staying safe while helping your garden survive.  Here are 4 handy tips:
Make sure that your plants are well-watered.

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s truly vital (literally) that you ensure all of the plants in your garden are well-watered. Be careful not to overwater though, as this is an easy thing to do in the sweltering summer heat. Whether it’s a matter of watering more frequently, or feeding more water in each watering session, be sure to be consistent with what each type of plant requires and adjust your routine accordingly.

Water plants in containers first.

Plants contained in pots, window-boxes, hanging pots and even raised bedsare more susceptible to drying out in the sunny hours of the day. Consider moving more vulnerable plants (those which require no more than 6 hours of sun a day), to the shade after they have received the maximum benefit of the sun for the day. Be sure to water these plants more frequently, 2 times a day (or more as necessary), since the soil is more likely to dry out and cause irreversible damage to both plants and containers. Tip: don’t be deceived by the shade! Shade can be very dry and cause plants to die just as fast as in the sun, if neglected.

Be mindful of watering times.

The best and most effective time of day to water is first thing in the morning or once the sun has set (which these days can be well into the evening). Watering midday is essentially pointless, as evaporation will deprive your plants of receiving the proper amount of water. Don’t be afraid to drench less sensitive plants with a good amount of water if watering in the morning–they will be under the beating rays of the sun for at least 10 hours.

Do your homework.

Gut instinct may tell you to soak those puppies to ensure that they are really well nourished, but certain plants will remain ok with their regular scheduled watering. It’s important to know the difference between watering amounts for each plant.

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