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july garden tips

Fertilize your lawn early this month for the last time before fall.
Ensure that your lawn is getting an inch of rainwater per week or, water more frequently.
Apply a layer of mulch in your gardens to conserve moisture and reduce weeds.
Stake tall plants, such as delphinium, lupine, and tomatoes.
Plant vegetables – beets, bush beans, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, kale, and peas to provide fall and winter crops.
Add compost to rhubarb an asparagus beds. Water deeply.
Check your plants for diseases or insects and treat when necessary.
Water tomatoes very evenly and apply a 2-inch layer of mulch. This may help to avoid early and late blight. Prune for air circulation and remove damaged leaves. Treat with fungicide if needed.
Do not fertilize your trees and shrubs after mid-July because the new growth will not harden off in time to avoid any winter damage.
Be sure to keep weeding; weeds will compete with your plants to use up nutrients and water.
Divide bearded iris after leaves turn brown. Trim leaves before digging and dividing rhizomes. Let rhizomes dry in a shady spot for a few days. Weed beds before replanting.
Harvest herbs frequently, cutting fresh growth on plants. To dry herbs in a warm, dry spot, bundle stems and hang upside down, or spread leaves in a single layer in a basket or on screens.
Take time to remove suckers from pear and apple trees when you spot them. Suckers are non-productive stems that grow vertically from horizontal branches. Rub out young ones with your fingers; snip larger ones with shears.
Refresh mulch around trees, shrubs, and perennials to reduce weeds and slow water evaporation from soil. Aim for a 2- to 3-inch-thick layer.
Keep new plantings well-watered, but this time of year, pay attention to other parts of the landscape, too. Container plantings can need watering as often as twice a day in hot, windy weather. Lawns need about an inch of water a week.
Keep deadheading! For the most flowers and tidiest garden, deadhead daily. Some gardeners take a few minutes each morning, making it part of their daily routine.
Many plants benefit from a midsummer feeding. After adding dry fertilizer to soil, water slowly, soaking soil.
Fertilize June-bearing strawberries after harvest with 1 pound of a 10-10-10 type product per 50 square feet. Feed ever-bearing strawberries early in the month at half that rate.
Fertilize houseplants spending the summer outdoors. Apply a liquid fertilizer monthly.
Enjoy the outdoors and your beautiful garden.

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